Monthly Archives: December 2023

Season 2, Episode 6

Special guest Anton Tonev, co-founder of Inspect HOA, joined us for our final episode of Season 2 of Title Nerds. Drawing from his own experience as a member of an HOA, he built this business for real estate professionals and buyers who need to deal with homeowners associations. With 400,000 HOAs in the U.S. and no central database of HOAs, his business has established a niche service, including, to assist buyers, attorneys, lenders and escrow officers. He and his team work with clients on several thousand closings a month.

Anton shared examples of scenarios in which Inspect HOA has been able to assist buyers and others in avoiding problems with the rules and regulations that HOAs try to enforce, particularly with regard to leasing out properties.  Mike explored ways that Inspect HOA assists escrow officers and attorneys with avoiding issues during closing transactions when there may be violations or special assessments.  Anton suggested that by automating work, such as how his company has been able to do, it allows clients to be more efficient and productive and minimize errors and mistakes, thereby speeding up the closing process for all parties.

Mike then interviewed Thomas Persico, our newest associate in our Title Insurance practice, about WW3 Ventures v. Bank of N.Y. Mellon, Nos. A23A0719, A23A0720, 2023 Ga. App. LEXIS 536 (Ct. App. Nov. 3, 2023), wherein the Georgia Court of Appeals addresses how constructive and inquiry notice related to a recorded security deed not properly witnessed.